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Iván Marino «In Death’s Dream Kingdom» | In Death´s Dream Kingdom
Iván Marino, «In Death’s Dream Kingdom», 2003
In Death´s Dream Kingdom | Screenshot | © Iván Marino
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Spain | Edition / Production: MECAD; ZKM Medien Kunst Netz | Archive / Collection: ZKM Mediathek, Karlsruhe

 Iván Marino
«In Death’s Dream Kingdom»

In this online work, Iván Marino creates a hypertextual audiovisual discourse on the deconstruction of language and perception, elaborated on the basis of a complex web of videographic fragments. The work is in constant process, occurring both internally and as a form dependent upon the user. A mechanism of internal attractors keeps the access elements linked into the audio-visual work fragments in the interface; the user, as an external interactor, can reorder these elements and create a new narrative in a temporal context. The video was recorded in institutions that house disable people whose sense of perception is altered. By navigating an interesting nexus is set up between the images of the deterioration of human perception and accidents arising in the route of the user, who in his or her interest in uncovering a logical coherence and in the attempt to re-establish the order of the fragments, is slowly caught up in the crisscrossing of temporal, sound and visual lapses. The way that Marino structures audiovisual information into various participative levels and employs the interface, using highly uncommon resources, places this work among the most important experimental productions using streaming. The title came from a verse of a T. S. Eliot's poem, «The Hollow Men» (1925).


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