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Heinz Emigholz «The Basis of Make-Up»
Heinz Emigholz, «The Basis of Make-Up», 1974

Heinz Emigholz «The Basis of Make-Up»Heinz Emigholz «The Basis of Make-Up»Heinz Emigholz «The Basis of Make-Up»

Categories: Film

Keywords: Painting | Montage

Works by Heinz Emigholz:

The Cynical Body


 Heinz Emigholz
«The Basis of Make-Up»

42 illustrated notebooks, one notebook belonging to Heinz Emigholz's father, sketches from the 70s, photographs of the various houses in the USA and Germany where the film-maker has lived and 80 positive/negative drawings from the series 'Die Basis des Make-Up' make up a very subjective legacy that unfolds before the spectator silently, as in a film‘. Heinz Emigholz sees the film 'as a silent intermezzo or short recapitulation between the long films ('Normalsatz', 'Die Basis des Make-Up', 'Der Zynische Körper', 'Die Wiese der Sachen'): the database as an interval feature. The door is opened and then immediately closed again, the paradox of film is pushed as far as possible: that one is given something that is immediately taken away again.'


Rudolf Frieling