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Jürgen Klauke «Formalized Boredom»
Jürgen Klauke, «Formalized Boredom», 1980 – 1981
© Jürgen Klauke

Jürgen Klauke «Formalized Boredom»Jürgen Klauke «Formalized Boredom»Jürgen Klauke «Formalized Boredom»

Categories: Video

Keywords: Concept | Object


 Jürgen Klauke
«Formalized Boredom»

‘Formalisierung der Langeweile', consisting of a videotape (stills from which are shown here), drawings, large-format photographs, sequences of photographs, a Performance and a film, unites salient features of Klauke's previous work. Two pairs of chairs and an upturned bucket form the leitmotivs of the videotape. Three protagonists, a naked woman and two clothed men, perform fragments of ritual actions, but these do not establish any common ground between them. A TV programme cannot break the monotony of the scene either; on the contrary, it seems only to emphasize the isolation of the characters. ‘Formalisierung der Langeweile' is regarded as a milestone in Klauke's oeuvre, marking the end of a narcissistic preoccupation with his own person and a turn towards the examination of society.