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Dennis Oppenheim «Forming Sounds»
Dennis Oppenheim, «Forming Sounds», 1971
Courtesy: ZKM Videosammlung, Karlsruhe | Videostill | © Dennis Oppenheim

United States | 80*70 cm (W*H) | Photodocumentation (25 Minute Video tape with sound) | Participants: Phyllis Oppenheim

 Dennis Oppenheim
«Forming Sounds»

Phyllis is asked to repeat a steady unmodulated hum for 25 minutes. Using my hands between her mouth and the microphone, I attempt to regulate the acoustics. Mid-way through, either her mouth or the microphone is touched. The modulation occurs between these two points. The hand acts as a sound block. Attempts are made to echo sounds of her face.

(Source: Dennis Oppenheim, Explorations, Milano 2001)


Dennis Oppenheim