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Granular Synthesis «Granular Synthesis»
Granular Synthesis, «Granular Synthesis», 1992
© Granular Synthesis


Categories: Installation | Video

Keywords: Body | Voice

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 Granular Synthesis
«Granular Synthesis»

In 1991, Kurt Hentschläger and Ulf Langheinrich began to collaborate on the ‘Granular Synthesis' project whose title they later adopted for their name as an artistic duo. This early 4-channel video installation illuminates their synthetic approach, in this case involving the re-sequencing, looping, re-arrangement – but never the manipulation – of short excerpts lasting at most a few seconds and single events (grains). The head and mouth, in their capacity as carriers of expression and primary sound generators, are severely stylized. Due to re-organization, the original ‘natural' temporal continuity of the footage is destroyed to bring about in ‘detemporization'.


Rudolf Frieling