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MedienOperative Berlin e.V. «Founding premises of the MedienOperative Berlin»
MedienOperative Berlin e.V., «Founding premises of the MedienOperative Berlin», 1977
© MedienOperative Berlin e.V.

Berlin | Germany

 MedienOperative Berlin e.V.
«Founding premises of the MedienOperative Berlin»

Hartmut Horst, Eckart Lottmann, Pim Richter, Karin Steffen and Burkhard Voiges founded the MedienOperative Berlin (MOB) as a centre for independent work in video in 1977. Equipped with its own production facilities and working as a collective, the group primarily addressed social and cultural themes with a view to establishing an alternative forum for public information. At the same time, the MOB made equipment available to alternative projects and collected videotapes with relevance for a ‘counterculture’. The collective was one of the few initiatives able to establish itself on a permanent footing, although it received no subsidies and financed each project with commissions from public institutions and, increasingly in later years, television companies.