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Jean Dupuy «Heart Beats Dust» | Heart Beats Dust, New York (USA)
Jean Dupuy, «Heart Beats Dust» Cone Pyramid, 1968
Heart Beats Dust, New York (USA) | Photograph: Terry Stevenson | ©

Jean Dupuy «Heart Beats Dust» | Heart Beats Dust, New York (USA)Jean Dupuy «Heart Beats Dust» | Heart Beats Dust, Dijon (F)

Categories: Sculpture

Keywords: Interaction | Body

Source text:

Dupuy, Jean «Cone Pyramid»

New York | United States | 60*225*60 cm (W*H*D) | Dust, plywood, glass, light, electronic equipment | Concept: Jean Dupuy

 Jean Dupuy
«Heart Beats Dust: Cone Pyramid»

In a black rectangular box, a window at eye level opens onto a 24' cube which houses the sculpture. The form is created by thrusting dust up into a cone of light. The dust is Lithol Rubine, a brilliant red pigment chosen for its ability to remain suspended in air for long periods. The thrust is achieved by amplified heart-beats from an attached stethoscope or a continuous loop tape recording of heartbeats played on a speaker mounted directly under a tightly stretched rubber membrane upon which the dust sits.
Pontus Hulten


Pontus Hultén