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Autoperforationsartisten «Heart Horn Skin Shrine»
Autoperforationsartisten, «Heart Horn Skin Shrine», 1987
© Autoperforationsartisten

Autoperforationsartisten «Heart Horn Skin Shrine»Autoperforationsartisten «Heart Horn Skin Shrine» | Heart Horn Skin Shrine – Cold Cuts from the Discarded – Advertising FilmAutoperforationsartisten «Heart Horn Skin Shrine»

Categories: Action | Film

Keywords: Group | Process


«Heart Horn Skin Shrine»

This ‹advertising film› is Via Lewandowsky's film version of the performance «Heart Horn Skin Shrine», staged by the autoperforation artists in 1987 as their concluding work in the Stage Set Section at the Hochschule für Bildende Künste (College of Visual Arts) in Dresden. The film is a documentary sampler of a few scenes from the absurdist play. The interest of sympathizers was so great that, between October 1987 and March 1988, the group toured the cities of Leipzig, Halle, Dresden, and Berlin with it. The artists accompanied the film by producing moronic sounds that worked even connoisseurs into a sweat. Christoph Tannert wrote: «Certainly no [other] film in the country of the ‹little white dove of peace› was ever fiddled together with so much morbid maximalism, imagined violence, and paranoid mood background.»