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-Innen «-Innen Inform»
-Innen, «-Innen Inform», 1994
© -Innen


«-Innen Inform»

Wearing identical blonde wigs and make-up, the four members of -Innen staffed the bar during the «Datendandy Tour '94 – Theorieperformance.» The philosophical wisdoms printed on their overalls were not what one might automatically expect from peroxide-blonde barmaids: «There is nothing worse than something which is no less true than the truth»; «-There is nothing more obscene than an overdose of the same (…) than, in its duplication, the absolute proof of the same….» One of the -Innen team serves a black cube along with a drink: «Information for you!» her cloned colleague chirps.
On this evening of 4 February 1994, -Innen informed the audience about «artistic practice in the everyday media world, and the dual-gender principle with its many consequences.»