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Marko Peljhan «INSULAR Technologies»
Marko Peljhan, «INSULAR Technologies», 1999
Screenshot | © Marko Peljhan
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 Marko Peljhan
«INSULAR Technologies»

Since 1999, Slovenian artist Marko Peljhan has been developing the autonomous communication system INSULAR Technologies. The «International Networking System for Universal Long-distance Advanced Radio» is conceived as a worldwide, publicly accessible and decentralized radio network, which also transfers data, text, and language, alongside using customary communication structures. First and foremost, it should ensure dependable communication practices between independent cultural-, media-, and social initiatives, and between non-governmental organizations and individuals whose situations in remote areas and regions cause them to operate with a limited connectivity. A more stabile communication is ensured through the use of coding, and the existence of an autonomous infrastructure aimed at making users less dependent on the existing proprietary telecommunication infrastructure. INSULAR Technologies should also serve as a backup system; in emergencies it replaces the existing analog networks and telecommunication infrastructures.
(Source: Inke Arns, «Netzkulturen», Hamburg, 2002.)