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Peter Campus «Interface»
Peter Campus, «Interface», 1972
1998 | © Peter Campus


Works by Peter Campus:

mem| Three Transitions

Closed-Circuit-Videoinstallation | Archive / Collection: Centre national d´art et de culture Georges Pompidou, Paris

 Peter Campus

«A sheet of transparent glass is set up in a darkened room. On the wall behind this sheet of glass there is a closed-circuit video camera, directed towards it. Four metres in front of the camera there is a video projector which projects the live video signal from the camera onto the sheet of glass.
When the visitor moves into the recording area in front of the transparent glass surface, his/her reflection - the wrong way around - and his/her video image - the right way around - appear on it simultaneously and life-sized. Depending on where the visitor is standing, the two images are visible either next to each other or partially overlapping.»

(source: Slavko Kacunko in: Peter Campus. Analog + Digital Video + Foto 1970–2003 Wulf Herzogenrath/Barbara Nierhoff (eds.), Bremen, 2003.)