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Öyvind Fahlström «Kisses Sweeter than Wine»
Öyvind Fahlström, «Kisses Sweeter than Wine», 1966
Photography | Photograph: Peter Moore | ©

Öyvind Fahlström «Kisses Sweeter than Wine»Öyvind Fahlström «Kisses Sweeter than Wine»Öyvind Fahlström «Kisses Sweeter than Wine» | Kisses sweeter than Wine
New York | United States | Dia-, Film- und TV-Projektion, eine ferngesteuerte Rakete aus Polyester und andere aufwändige Requisiten

 Öyvind Fahlström
«Kisses Sweeter than Wine»

The piece was a complex, poetic theater performance incorporating live actors, elaborate props, and a triptych of slide, movie and television projection screens. Öyvind used a pillow that «could sing out while it was bounced on ihe floor,» a remote-controlled mylar missile circling the Armory, and snowflakes that fell upward. Characters included Jedadiah Buxton and other idiot savants who were «capable of memorizing enormous amounts of data or of making multi-digit calculations in their head;» a girl in a plastic swimming pool of Jello, Chinese Sparrows under attack, and Space Girl, dressed in silver, who descended in a winch hoist from the ceiling. Performers in white dress shirts gather around her as she holds up the head of then President Lyndon B. Johnson.