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Claus Blume «Knee Game III»
Claus Blume, «Knee Game III», 1990
© Claus Blume


Categories: Video

Keywords: Montage | Music


 Claus Blume
«Knee Game III»

'Knee Game', an encounter between video montage and minimal music, is a visual musical composition or an auditory image collage. Minimal music meets tradition. The dance of a schuhplattler group is dissected into its individual parts and re-assembled in accordance with principles of video montage and minimal music. First, the length of measures or complexes is presented. Like the tone, the image also appears as a mere short excerpt of reality. The measures are filled with image pulses until an image rhythm arises. New pulses of images begin to shift the emphasis of the rhythms. The image pulses enter changing relationships with each other until the montage begins to form image clusters and the dance ends with the original concluding tone.