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Oskar Fischinger «Composition in Blue» | Komposition in Blau
Oskar Fischinger, «Composition in Blue», 1935
Komposition in Blau | Filmstill | © Oskar Fischinger


Categories: Film

Works by Oskar Fischinger:

Entwurf zu »Fantasia«| Sound Ornaments

Germany | 4' | Gasparcolor, Ton (Musik), 35 mm, 108m, | Concept: Oskar Fischinger | Photograph: Oskar Fischinger | Sound: Oskar Fischinger | Music: Otto Nicolai | Edition / Production: Oskar Fischinger | Archive / Collection: Filmarchiv Berlin, Berlin

 Oskar Fischinger
«Composition in Blue»

Surfaces dominate in the abstract animated film «Komposition in Blau/ Lichtkonzert Nr.1» (Composition in Blue / Light Concert No. 1). Colorful geometric figures are set in rhythmic motion. The music from Nicolai’s «The Merry Women of Windsor» is impressively visualized through a blending of form and color. Fischinger created wooden cubes and cylinders as three-dimensional animated models, approximately as tall as a cigarette, some of them painted and others covered with fabric. «At first the set seems to reveal a room. But then the floor begins to reflect the geometric figures. Cubes perfectly-aligned in a row, forming a flat mosaic-like surface, tumble apart to form a stairway. In this perpetually changing universe, a cylinder pounds at the floor and sets off a series of waves, and a decorative, flat circle flies into the empty space. The beauty of the colored, geometric forms—a yellow rectangle descends gracefully into the frame—escalates to the frenzied magic of the impossible.»
(Source: William Moritz: «Oskar Fischinger», in: Deutsches Filmmuseum Frankfurt am Main, Optische Poesie. Oskar Fischinger Leben und Werk, Kinematograph Nr. 9, 1993, p. 42)