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KUNSTKANAL (Art Channel) «Artists Make Television»
KUNSTKANAL (Art Channel), «Artists Make Television», 1989
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 KUNSTKANAL (Art Channel)
«Artists Make Television»

During its one-week program on the private cable broadcasting station RTL plus, ART CHANNEL reached millions of viewers, but remained unique in the history of television: to this day, visual artists have no opportunity for input in the 'public space' of television. Parallel to the eight 1-hour broadcasts, realized by Rotraut Pape, GérardCouty, Ernst Mitzka (among others), the BTX programation 'Welcome to Hotel Rasputin' by Volker Hildebrandt was broadcast at the end of each program around the clock
The participating artists were:
Robert Adrian X, Thomas Bayrle, Gerd Belz, Klaus vom Bruch, Peter Bruntz, Peter Campus, Gérard Couty, Walter Dahn, Lili Fischer, Rainer Ganahl, Paul Garrin, Ingo Günther, Astrid Heibach, Julia Heyward, Volker Hildebrandt, Jenny Holzer, Thomas Huber, Hans-Peter Keyssig, Joan Logue, Norbert Meissner, Ernst Mitzka, Branda Miller, Rainer Mucha, Norbert Nowotsch (and seven students from the Fachhochschule Münster [ MünsterTechnical College]), Marcel Odenbach, Rotraut Pape, Frederike Pezold, Sigmar Polke, Ulrike Rosenbach, René Pulfer, Lazlo Revesz, Bill Seaman, Bill Viola, William Wegman.