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Roy Ascott «La plissure du texte» | Text
Roy Ascott, «La plissure du texte», 1983
Text | © Roy Ascott
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Roy Ascott «La plissure du texte» | TextRoy Ascott «La plissure du texte» | Text
France | Connection of all places with Artists‘ Electronic Exchange Network (ARTEX) | Concept: Roy Ascott | Participants: Robert Adrian, Bruce Breland, Hank Bull, David Garcia, Annie Wright, Eric Gidney, Helmut Mark, Zelko Wiener, Greg McKenna, Tom Klinkowstein, John Southworth, Norman White

 Roy Ascott
«La plissure du texte»

1983—that was in 1980, I actually set it up—1983, Frank Popper invited me to do a project for a huge exhibition in Paris, called Electra, which was looking at the whole history of electricity right across the spectrum of the arts. And I got rather good funding. I set up this planetary fairytale. We had fourteen nodes across the world, Australia, Hawaii, Pittsburgh, various places, ... Vienna, Amsterdam, and so forth. And to each node I ascribed an archetypical fairytale character. [...]
Over a period of three weeks started a narrative, that could be either in English or in French, it wasn't a matter of translation, had to be just English or French because it was IN Paris, and so forth. To start it off—I played the part of a magician in Paris, so I would naturally say, «Once upon a time…» and then others from their point of view-the Wicked Witch or whatsoever—would pick up the narrative, and develop it online. So that what was happening was you would go on line, and you would see the story so far, and then input.
Roy Ascott