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Brümmer, Ludger; Braemer, Silke «Lizard Point»
Brümmer, Ludger; Braemer, Silke, «Lizard Point», 1997
© Brümmer, Ludger; Braemer, Silke

Brümmer, Ludger; Braemer, Silke «Lizard Point»Brümmer, Ludger; Braemer, Silke «Lizard Point» | play video

Categories: Video

Keywords: Body | Theory

20' | Edition / Production: Interartes

 Brümmer, Ludger; Braemer, Silke
«Lizard Point»

The audiovisual composition ‘Lizard Point' compares the parameters governing musical, choreographic and filmic expression. The confrontation of choreographic forms with digitally generated movements and sounds gives rise to perceptual configurations in which the elements sometimes resemble and agree, and sometimes conflict, with one another. The particular type of movement characteristic of the models derived from physics that are used here informs both the acoustic and the visual sequences of movement. Based as they are on physics, the sequences set up associations with movement in nature and thus, despite their abstract genealogy, inhabit a concrete associative realm.


Ludger Brümmer