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Kutlug Ataman «Never my soul»
Kutlug Ataman, «Never my soul», 2001
Videostill | © Kutlug Ataman

 Kutlug Ataman
«Never my soul»

«Never My Soul» tells stories from the life of a Turkish transsexual also a dialysis patient. She was asked to slip into the role of a star of Turkish cinema and to play herself at the same time. The transsexual tells stories from her private life—a nightmare of abuse, contempt and persecution. But whether the violence, the rape experienced in childhood, or relationships to clients, everything is told in the type of sea-green mood that brings to mind earlier Fassbinder films, and the rawness of Warhol productions. In six locations, the viewer sees different chapters of her life, related while on the telephone, in conversations, or having sex. Ataman spliced together an interview on a real life with a fictionalized version of that life, performed by one and the same person.