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Natalie Jeremijenko «One Trees» | Location Castro Valley, San Francisco
Natalie Jeremijenko, «One Trees», 2000
Location Castro Valley, San Francisco | © Natalie Jeremijenko

Natalie Jeremijenko «One Trees» | Location Castro Valley, San FranciscoNatalie Jeremijenko «One Trees» | Paradox 1Natalie Jeremijenko «One Trees» | Paradox 2

Categories: Transgenic Art

Keywords: Landscape

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San Francisco | United States

 Natalie Jeremijenko
«One Trees»

Natalie Jeremijenko’s ambitious «OneTrees» (2000) project cloned 1,000 trees as a way to express genetics’ complex interaction with environmental influences, which is often oversimplified in public discourse about cloning. These clones are planted in public sites around the San Francisco Bay Area and because they are genetically identical, as they grow, they will express the social and environmental differences to which they are exposed. In an offshoot of this project, so to speak, «Tree Balance,» (2005) Jeremijenko balances two cloned trees, which «means that the people seeing the clones in the gallery can resolve the small dynamic differences that the clones are accruing. . . . rendering something that would otherwise not be visible to a nonscientific audience.» (Jeremijenko)


Steve Dietz