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Karlheinz Stockhausen «Originals»
Karlheinz Stockhausen, «Originals», 1961
© Karlheinz Stockhausen

 Karlheinz Stockhausen

The cast of ‘originals’ in Karlheinz Stockhausen’s ‘Originale’, which was crucial for the development of the Fluxus and Happening movements, included David Tudor (piano and drums), Nam June Paik (actions), Mary Bauermeister (painter) and Wolfgang Ramsbott (cameraman). 18 scenes with 7 independent structures were performed in random sequence, whereby up to 3 structures could be presented simultaneously. The piece joins up ‘self-sufficient moments according to intensity, duration, density, degree of innovation, range of effect, simultaneity, sequence’. Stockhausen described the music as ‘contacts for electronic sounds, piano and drums’, and director Caspari interpreted the score as basis and temporal sequence for ‘associative spontaneous activities’. Paik threw flour, sugar and rice into the auditorium, whereupon the Cologne Department of Culture promptly cancelled its grants to the theatre.