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Works by Pipilotti Rist:

Ever is Over All| Remake of the Weekend


 Pipilotti Rist

The video opens with a sequence recalling the dramatic intent of crime movies: on the narrow metal plank of a delicate, latticed floor, a young woman wearing pointed evening shoes balances her way toward something. In time, the viewer realizes that she is moving closer to a young Asian, who welcomes her approach with the traditional greeting. From this totality develops a kaleidoscope of mesmerizing bodily images, which the camera fabricates before the eyes of the viewers as though on a visual roller coaster of glowing colors. [...]
Unique about the filming is how Pipilotti Rist zooms in on individual parts of the body, using a microscopic nearness to show the material delicacies of skin structures. Bold perspectives, breasts, eyes, toes, and pubic hair, swell to oversized and uncustomary dimensions. [...]
In «Pimple Porno,» the camera assumes the perspective of the sexual partner, and with her macro-shots the artist pursues the question of how to make sexual feelings visible.
(Source: Andrea Springer, Pipilotti Rist: Werkmonografie, diss. Karlsruhe, 2002, pp. 44ff.)