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Ingo Günther «Refugee Globe»
Ingo Günther, «Refugee Globe», 1992
© Ingo Günther

 Ingo Günther
«Refugee Globe»

Since 1989, Günther has used globes to depict global crises. 'Refugee Globe' is part of the series 'World Processor'. 'Refugee Globe' represents the streams of refugees all over the world. The UN High Commissioner for Refugees registered 20 million refugees worldwide in 1990; by 1995, the number had risen to 27 million people. The width of the arrows on the globe is proportional to the volume of refugees fleeing from one place to another. In his series of globes, Günther transposes mere statistical data into a visual, sculptural form, thus showing that the fate of the individual is the smallest component of complex global processes.