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Shigeko Kubota «Sexual Heeling» | Sexual Heeling (Lance Fung Gallery, New York, 2000)
Shigeko Kubota, «Sexual Heeling», 1997
Sexual Heeling (Lance Fung Gallery, New York, 2000) | Photography | © Shigeko Kubota


Categories: Video

Keywords: History | Narration


 Shigeko Kubota
«Sexual Heeling»

She became famous with her approapriations of the works, life and ideas of Marcel Duchamp, deconstructing him in the video medium. Duchampiana the series of video sculptures she conceived in the seventies and eighties is based on such Duchamp's master pieces as «The Nude Descending a Staircase,» or using even original documentaries she filmed when she met Duchamp personally in the 1968.
[...] Paik is playing again in this almost miniature video sculpture, we can say, the role of his life, as the video is showing a documentary of the rehabilitation and recovery of Nam June Paik in a hospital, after he suffered, a year ago, from a strong hard attack. [...] Nam June Paik asked once, reformulating Kubota own statement, «is there video after death»? YES - is my answer, as «Sexual Heeling» is showing Nam June Paik regenerative vitality and mediality and his own and Kubota meta position, the one in between media/art, history/avantgarde, life and death.

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Marina Grzinic