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 Santiago Sierra
«Six People who cannot be remunerated for the Staying in the Interior of Cardboard Boxes»

«During the project (...), volunteering foreigners seeking asylum will sit in cardboard-boxes for four hours daily, for the whole duration of the exhibition. The narrow boxes, which are reminiscent of rudimentary housing or transport cradles, do not allow any movement, let alone work. Except for the air supply they are closed so that the sitters are hidden from the viewer’s look. The invisible physical presence, like the motionless silence, are an alarming metaphor for the situation of asylum-seekers in Germany. On the one side invisible because of the housing in special residences and forced into inactivity because of the fear of assaults from the far right.»

(source: Klaus Biesenbach (ed.), KW Magazine, 2, 2001, p. 156, exhib. cat. to the series «mediarealities», Kunst-Werke Berlin e.V., Berlin, 2001.)