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Gordon Monahan «Speaker's Swinging»

Gordon Monahan «Speaker Swinging» | Speakers' SwingingGordon Monahan «Speaker Swinging» | Speakers' Swinging (sketch)Gordon Monahan «Speaker Swinging» | Speakers' Swinging

Categories: Sound

Keywords: Music | Space

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 Gordon Monahan
«Speaker Swinging»

Gordon Monahan sees this concert performance as a hybrid with sculptural, installative, and performative, athletic aspects 'due to the corporeality of the swinging boxes and because sweat, heavy labor, and stubbornness are required'. The close connection to the tradition of the Fluxus performances, which were also based on a simple concept, here the swinging of the loudspeakers, has to do with Monahan's interest in 'the live staging of technical situations in which people concentrate their attention on things like the movement of sound in the room and on how physical gestures produce the sounds'.


Rudolf Frieling