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Wojciech Bruszewski «Matchbox (excerpt)»

Wojciech Bruszewski «Ten Works» | Matchbox

Categories: Film | Video

Keywords: Cinema | Concept | Perception

Poland | 30' | Archive / Collection: ZKM Videosammlung, Karlsruhe

 Wojciech Bruszewski
«Ten Works: Matchbox»

Compilation of early film and video works.
The film »Matchbox« consists only of two brief shots: 1. A hand strikes a matchbox against a window-ledge. The blow is struck exactly in the middle of the shot, which encompasses a total of 90 frames. 2. Part of the window (30 frames). The sound composition is somewhat longer than the two shots, and amounts to 122 frames. Visuals and sound are synchronous at the beginning, but then start to drift apart.


ZKM Videosammlung