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Tamás Waliczky «The Garden»
Tamás Waliczky, «The Garden» 21st Century Amateur Film, 1992
Screenshot | © Tamás Waliczky

Tamás Waliczky «The Garden»Tamás Waliczky «The Garden»Tamás Waliczky «The Garden»Tamás Waliczky «The Garden»Tamás Waliczky «The Garden» | play video

Categories: Video

Keywords: Space | Theory

Works by Tamás Waliczky:

Annamaria's Motion in Time

4' 27" | Used hardware: 486 PC, Vision 16 board, SGI VGX, VideoLab, Sony LVR 6000 Laserdisc Used software: Custom softwares, AMAP software | Concept: Tamás Waliczky, Anna Szepesi | Director: Tamás Waliczky | Photograph: György Pálos | Music: written by Tibor Szemzö, performed by Éva Posvanecz | Participants: Annamária Waliczky | Software: Imre Kováts, Zoltán Császár, Pierre Dinouard, Thomas Krol | Schnitt: Directed and animated: Tamás Waliczky | Edition / Production: Distributors: Tamás Waliczky, Anna Szepesi, Wallada Bioscop Ltd.

 Tamás Waliczky
«The Garden: 21st Century Amateur Film»

Everything in this world follows the movement of a child, i.e. in a virtual manner with an optical angle of 360 degrees. In this way, the concept of linear perspective we have had since the Renaissance is replaced by a new system of perspective, the ‘water-drop perspective-system'. Question: is this film a sort of two-dimensional virtual reality? Answer: no, virtual reality means that we construct our artificial world. I am much more interested in the surrounding real world. In this case, it is the world of my daughter.


Tamás Waliczky