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nomad «The Last Cowboy»
nomad, «The Last Cowboy», 1998
© nomad

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Categories: Multimedia

Keywords: Narration | East/West


«The Last Cowboy»

'The Last Cowboy' is a interlinear digital film on DVD (Digital Video Disc), which gives viewers full and immediate random access. The authors use the new DVD technology to interweave three independent but conceptually related digital video streams in a form that can be accessed exactly as wished. This produces a complex narrative structure that allows the viewer to investigate the multi-faceted nature of human memory. Anyone wanting to see 'The Last Cowboy' can switch seamlessly to and fro between the three video streams at any point, using a DVD player remote control or the mouse of a PC with a DVD drive. (…)
'The Last Cowboy' is a free-flowing narrative – a 'stream of consciousness' about a forgotten east and a west that was never found. The east is the former East Germany, seen through he eyes of a young person who had been indoctrinated with the models of socialist heroes – above all the Indians from the very popular Westerns that were made in the GDR in the 60s and 70s. The Indians are the ideal in these films, resisting expansion to the west. The west is an America lost between a projected Marlboro mythology and hard reality. The way to America begins with the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 and continues as the narrator sets off for New York during the collapse of the former Yugoslavia to look for the west, which previously existed only in his imagination.