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Douglas Blau «The Naturalist Gathers» | Installation 1992
Douglas Blau, «The Naturalist Gathers» Installation/Index, 1992 – 1997
Installation 1992 | © Douglas Blau

Douglas Blau «The Naturalist Gathers» | Installation 1992Douglas Blau «The Naturalist Gathers» | Index 1997

Categories: Text | Photography

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United States

 Douglas Blau
«The Naturalist Gathers: Installation/Index»

In the photo installation Blau combines, similar to Aby Warburg's approach, photographic reproductions following an order according to genre and every day situations. This curatorial artistic documentation reminds one also of an American photographer like Atget.
In «Index» this approach is based on the bibliographic references to a text which does not exist itself but which becomes subject of an activity of fictitious reconstruction through a series of possible permutations of the reader.

(Source: Douglas Blau, "Index (from The Naturalist Gathers)," published 1992 by Thomas Solomon's Garage/Jay Gorney Modern Art, Los Angeles/New York; reprinted in 1995, and also in 1997 in Deep Storage/Arsenale der Erinnerung, Ingrid Schaffner, Matthias Winzen, ed., PS 1 Contemporary Art Center/Haus der Kunst, Long Island City/Munich ©Douglas Blau, 2005)


Rudolf Frieling