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Dieter Kiessling «Two Cameras»
Dieter Kiessling, «Two Cameras», 1998

Dieter Kiessling «Two Cameras»Dieter Kiessling «Two Cameras»

Categories: Installation | Video

Keywords: Closed-Circuit | Object

Works by Dieter Kiessling:

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 Dieter Kiessling
«Two Cameras»

The two video cameras film each other and transmit the images to the monitors. The cameras are too close to each other for the pictures to be in focus, but because the automatic focusing device of both cameras is switched on they attempt to produce a sharp image of one another by altering the lens setting. The continual variation in these settings means that the sharpness and the size of the pictures on the monitors also change continually. The sound made by the automatic focusing mechanisms is amplified and fed through the loudspeakers in the monitors.
Dieter Kiessling

This closed circuit installation provides a further demonstration of the analytical artistic approach that Dieter Kiessling uses to expose the idiosyncrasies, advantages and errors inherent in a particular media system.


Rudolf Frieling