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Lucinda Childs «Vehicle»
Lucinda Childs, «Vehicle», 1966
Photography | Photograph: Peter Moore | ©

Lucinda Childs «Vehicle»Lucinda Childs «Vehicle»Lucinda Childs «Vehicle»
New York | United States | Dreibeinige Ständerkonstruktion aus Holz mit integriertem Ultraschallsystem (70 kHz Doppler-Sonar-System, drei rote Eimer. | Hardware: Peter Hirsch

 Lucinda Childs

Peter Hirsch designed a 70 kHz Doppler sonar system for Lucinda Childs' piece, «Vehicle». Childs swung three red buckets around inside the ultrasonic sound beams created by transmitters in the three stands as seen in the photograph. The reflected signals from the buckets mixed with the original 70 kHz signal, and the resulting beat frequency fell in the audible range. The sound was transmitted to the speakers around the Armory. It was a swishing noise like wind blowing through a forest.