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Jaroslav Fric «Vertical Cinemascope»
Jaroslav Fric, «Vertical Cinemascope», 1970
Photography | © Jaroslav Fric


Categories: Multimedia

Keywords: Cinema | Space

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Osaka | Japan

 Jaroslav Fric
«Vertical Cinemascope»

In the Sixties emerged the grouping SCARS (Science Art Sense), which specialized in building multimedia presentations for various international occasions.
Their clients came from all over the globe, since the word was out that the former Czechoslovakia possessed an enormous amount of competence regarding innovative and often complex multi-medial presentation procedures. The technical brains behind the grouping was Jaroslav Fric (see the «movie vending-machine»). For the pavilion of British Columbia, at the Expo in Osaka of 1970, Fric developed the so-called «Spherorama» and «Vertical Cinemascope,» and many other systems. In the case of «Spherorama,» a slide projector with only a single lens was able to create a 360-degree dome projection. Despite the long list of developments attributed to Jaroslav Fric, amazingly few documents on his projects actually exist.