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Friese, Holger; Max Kossatz «» |
Friese, Holger; Max Kossatz, «», 1997 | © Huber, Hannelore and Hans Dieter


Categories: Internet

Keywords: Concept | Simulation


 Friese, Holger; Max Kossatz

«» ( greets the user with a message, for example: «We are now serving 94. You have the number 99; please wait!!!» Then an endless loop of waiting music begins. After 100 seconds, the question appears: «Would you like to write or read something while you wait?» If the user clicks ‹read›, detailed access statistics for ‹› since May 31, 97 are called up. The option ‹write› opens a window inviting the user to compose an e-Mail to ‹› ( After three minutes, the next-highest number in the queue is called. Clever users now estimate the time remaining before it's their turn. But even they are given the answer: «Unfortunately, you are too late. Your old number was 99, your new number is 106». The promising offer turns out to be an automated machine script; hope for an answer is in vain. Waiting is the only communication performed by the communicator.

(source: Inke Arns, Netzkulturen, Hamburg 2002.)