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Gillette, Frank; Schneider, Ira «Wipe Cycle» | scheme
Gillette, Frank; Schneider, Ira, «Wipe Cycle», 1969
scheme | © Gillette, Frank; Schneider, Ira
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Works by Gillette, Frank; Schneider, Ira:

Wipe Cycle

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Ira Schneider| Korot/Schneider «Radical Software»

New York | United States | 9 Monitore, Kamera, 2 Videobänder, 6 Recorder, Tonbandgerät | Concept: Ira Schneider | Edition / Production: Ira Schneider, Dieter Celine

 Gillette, Frank; Schneider, Ira

Collaboration of both artists in 1969 for the exhibition «TV as a Creative Medium» with the closed-circuit-installation «Wipe Cycle.»

Frank Gillette
b 1941 in Jersey City, N.J., USA; 1959–1962 studies Painting at the Pratt Institute, New York; meets Marshall McLuhan in 1968 and begins to work with video afterwards; 1969 co-founder of Raindance Corporation (Louis Jaffe, Marco Vassi, Judi Vassi, Judi Bosches, Michael Shamberg) and first installations with video; lives in New York.

Ira Schneider
b 1939 in New York; B.A. in 1960 at the Brown University, Providence, R. I., and graduates in 1964 in Psychology at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, M.A. Co-founder and one of the chief-editors of the magazine «Radical Software» (1970–74), president of the Raindance Foundation (1972–94) and Associate Professor at the Cooper Union School of Art, New York (1980–92). 1976 he co-edited with Beryl Korot «Video Art—an Anthology.» In 1969 he did his first video recordings; lives in Berlin since 1993.