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Gillette, Frank; Schneider, Ira «Wipe Cycle» | scheme
Gillette, Frank; Schneider, Ira, «Wipe Cycle», 1969
scheme | © Gillette, Frank; Schneider, Ira
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New York | United States | 9 Monitore, Kamera, 2 Videobänder, 6 Recorder, Tonbandgerät | Concept: Ira Schneider | Edition / Production: Ira Schneider, Dieter Celine

 Gillette, Frank; Schneider, Ira
«Wipe Cycle»

With nine monitors and a live camera, «Wipe Cycle» transposes present-time demands as a way to disrupt television’s one-sided flow of information. In the exhibition «TV as a Creative Medium,» the installation was constructed before the elevator. So each visitor was immediately confronted with his or her own image. But the monitors also showed two video tapes and a television program. The installation, which made visitors a part of the information, was rigged in a highly complicated fashion: in four cycles, images wandered from one monitor to the other delayed by eight or sixteen seconds, while counter-clockwise a gray light impulse wiped out all the images every two seconds.

(Source: «Video-Skulptur retrospektiv und aktuell 1963–1989», Wulf Herzogenrath/Edith Decker (eds.), Cologne, 1989, p. 114.)