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Sanja Iveković «Town Crier»
Sanja Iveković, «Town Crier», 1979
© Sanja Iveković

 Sanja Iveković

*1949 in Zagreb (HR); 1968–1971 studied graphics at the Academy of Fine Arts, Zagreb; since 1973 works with video. Lives in Zagreb (HR).Her art production has spanned a range of media such as photo graphy, performance, video and installations. The point of departure of her work was (and has remained until today) her own person, her own life - and by putting this theme into a broader context - the situation of women in our time and society. On Croatian art scene she was the first woman artist who called herself a feminist artist. She lectures at the Center for Women's Studies in Zagreb since its begining in 1994 and is a founder of Electra – The Women Arts Center, Zagreb.