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Sanja Iveković «Town Crier»
Sanja Iveković, «Town Crier», 1979
© Sanja Iveković


Categories: Action

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 Sanja Iveković
«Town Crier»

«In a dark space a TV set is turned to face the wall. I sit on a cushion, facing the TV. I set the earphones for TV audio output and hold the small tam-tam between my knees. The performance begins at 8.30 p.m.precisely. I begin speaking into a microphonewhile drumming a popular folk rhythm. In try to repeat every word I hear, but because of the rapid flow of verbal information some words and parts of sentences are missing in my speech, or else they are mispronounced. However, the audience is able to discern that the content of my narration is the News of the Day, transmitted by Zagreb Television at the moment. When the TV News programme ends, the performance also ends.»

Gallery of Contemporary Art
Zagreb, December 12, 1979

(source: Sanja Iveković, This is my true Face, Zagreb, 1998, p. 54.)