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Tina LaPorta «Future Body»
Tina LaPorta, «Future Body», 1999
Screenshot | © Tina LaPorta

 Tina LaPorta

b 1967 in Chicago (USA). Received an M.F.A. from the School of Visual Arts where she concentrated on computer-based art and was awarded her Bachelors degree from Columbia College in Chicago where she studied Photography. Since 1991 Tina LaPorta works in the area of digital media. In 1993 she began experimenting with 3-D wire-frame models, used as the basis for her project «Future_Body» (1997). After producing in 1996 a television series entitled «Cyberfemme» she decided to place her works in the Internet in order to reach a wider audience. Since LaPorta has created numerous Internet-based projects, including works commissioned by the Whitney Museum of American Art and the art page