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Tina LaPorta «Future Body»
Tina LaPorta, «Future Body», 1999
Screenshot | © Tina LaPorta

 Tina LaPorta
«Future Body»

»Future_Body« explores the relationship between technology, the body, and female subjectivity within a net-worked environment. While the corporeal body disappears, it is replaced by an immaterial outline of our passing presence. The code, generated from image mapping software, refers to the body's DNA structure. As we shift toward a state of immaterial existence, technology increasingly eliminates all traces of material reality. The wire frame model of the female body is mapped as a series of links, a fragmented coded image to be read by a CPU and displayed on its monitor. Because the model itself is designed for mass distribution, once it has been uploaded into the virtual realm of the internet, it becomes accessible to anyone, anywhere at anytime. Thus, the female figure is everywhere and nowhere at all, invisible yet infinitely replicable.