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Alvin Lucier «I Am Sitting in a Room» | I Am Sitting in a Room; for voice on tape
Alvin Lucier, «I Am Sitting in a Room» for voice on tape, 1970
I Am Sitting in a Room; for voice on tape | Photography | © Alvin Lucier


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Lucier, Alvin «I Am Sitting in a Room»

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United States | 45' 21" | Participants: Alvin Lucier | Edition / Production: New York: Lovely Music

 Alvin Lucier

Born May 14, 1931, in Nashua, New Hampshire (USA); 1954 Bachelor of Arts at Brandeis University; 1960 Master of Fine Arts at Yale University; since 1970 Professor for Music at Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut (USA); in the 1950s Lucier composed music for traditional instruments and since the early 1960s electroacoustic music; his installations and performances focus on psychoacoustic borderline situations; lives in Middletown.