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Alvin Lucier «I Am Sitting in a Room» | I Am Sitting in a Room; for voice on tape
Alvin Lucier, «I Am Sitting in a Room» for voice on tape, 1970
I Am Sitting in a Room; for voice on tape | Photography | © Alvin Lucier


Categories: Audio Art

Keywords: Space | Voice

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icon: authorGolo Föllmer «Audio Art»



United States | 45' 21" | Participants: Alvin Lucier | Edition / Production: New York: Lovely Music

 Alvin Lucier
«I Am Sitting in a Room: for voice on tape»

Lucier’s classic «I Am Sitting in a Room» is a poetic exercise in concentration. It focuses on a notoriously suppressed phenomenon: spatial resonance being too self-evident to perceive. While Lucier’s spoken text is heard live through the room’s loudspeakers, he repeatedly records the sound that stimulates the room’s resonant frequencies until the text becomes indecipherable. Instead of semantics, the musical qualities of language surface. The spoken text becomes a libretto, score, and performance manual in one.

Golo Föllmer