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ORLAN «The Reincarnation of Saint Orlan» | Vorher/Nachher - Simulation
ORLAN, «The Reincarnation of Saint Orlan», 1990 – 1993
Vorher/Nachher - Simulation | Screenshot | © ORLAN


* 1947 in Saint-Etienne (F); lives and works in Paris since 1983. 1964 already her first performances and photographies; founder of the Performance-Symposium in Lyon; ORLAN produces body related works that deal with female identity in the history of art; in 1977 she gains recognition with a provocative performance «Le baiser de l’artiste»; 1982 founder of the first electronic art magazine in France accessed via Minitel: »Art-Accès Revue«; 1984 lecturer at the Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts in Dijon; 1990 starts her series of plastic surgery, with which she becomes known worldwide.