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Robert Moog | Robert Moog | Robert Moog
Robert Moog
Robert Moog | Photography | © Robert Moog

Robert Moog | Robert Moog | Robert MoogRobert Moog | Moog System I | Moog System I

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 Robert Moog

b. May 23, 1934 in Flushing, NY; American electrical engineer, founded 1954 The R. A. Moog Company for the production of electronic musical instruments, and beginning 1964 distributed the first stress-controlled synthesizer. Large-scale, constructed modular Moog synthesizers were the standard instrument for exclusive rock bands such as Pink Floyd and Can, while smaller models like the mini-Moog found a large number of buyers. Moog’s instrument attained great popularity through the world-famous Bach adaptation performed by W. Carlos on his LP «Switched-on-Bach». 1978 Robert Moog founded Big Briar Incorporated for the production of innovative controllers for playing electronic musical instruments, including a modern version of the Theremin.