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Pierre Schaeffer «Études aux chemins de fer»
Pierre Schaeffer, «Études aux chemins de fer», 1948

France | Edition / Production: Distronics | piece of music

 Pierre Schaeffer

* 1910 in Nancy (F) – died 1995 in Les Milles bei Aix-en-Provence (F); studied mathematics and philosophy, and at the conservatoire in Nancy. Ecole Polytechnique 1929–1931, Ecole Supérieure d’Electricité et des Télécommunications 1931–1933. Since 1935 news and radio engineer; 1942 founding of the «Studio d’Essai de la Radio» in Beaune, and Head of the Paris radio station during the liberation of the city; since 1948 development and invention of «musique concrète,» the first technically produced music. Until 1958 collaboration with Pierre Henry; 1959/60 founding of the Service de Recherche and the Groupe de Recherches Musicales of O.R.T.F. in order to promote electro-acoustic compositions in theory and practice, theory of radio and the development of audiovisual basic research; 1975 he returns to his own compositions and realizes «Le Trièdre fertile», his first purely electronic composition (in collaboration with Bernard Durr).