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Schultz, Pit; Geert Lovink «nettime»
Schultz, Pit; Geert Lovink, «nettime», 1995
© Schultz, Pit; Geert Lovink


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 Schultz, Pit; Geert Lovink

Geert Lovink
b 1959 in Amsterdam (NL); media theorist, net critic and activist, studied political science at the University of Amsterdam (MA) and holds a PhD from the University of Melbourne (AUS). He is a former editor of the media art magazine Mediamatic (1989–94) and has been teaching and lecturing media theory throughout Central and Eastern Europe. He is a co-founder of the Amsterdam-based free community network «Digital City» and a member of Adilkno, the Foundation for the Advancement of Illegal Knowledge, a free association of media-related intellectuals established in 1983 (Agentur Bilwet auf Deutsch).

Pit Schultz
b 1965; network activist; co-founder of the mailing list «nettime;» member of Botschaft e.V. (i.e. ‹Message›/‹Embassy›); lives and works in Berlin (D).