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Schultz, Pit; Geert Lovink «nettime»
Schultz, Pit; Geert Lovink, «nettime», 1995
© Schultz, Pit; Geert Lovink


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 Schultz, Pit; Geert Lovink

In 1995 Pit Schultz (Berlin) and Geert Lovink (Amsterdam) established ‘Nettime', an Internet mailing list for those wishing to discuss the Internet, its special qualities and the political opportunities it offers. In the meantime over seven hundred enthusiastic media activists from countries throughout Europe and elsewhere have come together as subscribers to engage in criticism of the Net. The ideas that emerge are put into practice at regular meetings and in joint projects. Because it is a joint undertaking, and wholly non-commercial, ‘Nettime' has been called ‘the European answer to Wired' by the Australian cultural theorist McKenzie Wark. The diagram, in the form of a Dow Jones average, shows changes in the topics and the intensity with which that are addressed by subscribers.