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Yoko Ono
«Cut Piece»

CUT PIECE average time: 30‘

First version for single performer

Performer sits on stage with pair
of scissors placed in front of him.

It is announced that members of the
audience may come on stage – one at
a time – to cut a small piece of the
performer’s clothing to take with them.
Performer remains motionsless
throughout the piece.

Piece ends at the performer’s

Second version for audience:

It is announced that members
of the audience may cut each others clothing.

The audience may cut as long
as they want. (To See the Skies 70)

Source: Yoko Ono, script from «Strip Tease Show», reprinted in: Regina Cornwell, Interactive Art: Touching the Body ‹in the Mind›, in Discourse. Theoretical Studies in Media and Culture, vol. 14.2 (Spring 1992).Cut PieceCut Piece