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Warren Sack «Conversation Map»
Warren Sack, «Conversation Map», 1997 – 2000
2003 | Screenshot | © Warren Sack
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Warren Sack «Conversation Map»Warren Sack «Conversation Map»Warren Sack «Conversation Map»Warren Sack «Conversation Map»Warren Sack «Conversation Map»Warren Sack «Conversation Map»
United States | Concept: Sack, Warren | Programming: Brooks, Sawad | Edition / Production: Social Technologies Group, UC Berkeley | internet project

 Warren Sack
«Conversation Map»

«Conversation Map» is a newsgroup browser that is designed to make it easier for participants to understand and reflect on very large-scale conversations like large, electronic-mail lists or busy, Usenet newsgroups.
In principle the «Conversation Map» system can be used just like a usual electronic news or mail program (e.g., Eudora, RN, or Netscape Messenger). The main difference is that the «Conversation Map» system analyzes the content and the relationships between messages and then uses the results of the analysis to create a graphical interface. With the graphical interface, a participant can see the social and semantic relationships that have emerged over the course of the discussion. The «Conversation Map» system computes and then graphs out who is ‹talking› to whom, what they are ‹talking› about, and the central terms and possible metaphors of the conversation.

Warren Sack