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program in Oakland, California and a «distributed work of public art». Homeless and drug-addicted clients document their lives with cheap audio equipment and disposable cameras. Daniel teaches basic computer literacy and web publishing to participants who are enabled to ‹tell their own stories in their own voices.› Her is an ambitious project of ‹cyborgification› for people who have never been online before. Each web page is the result of extraordinary effort from the participant and Daniel in projects that extend from Casa Segura to the criminal justice system and Daniel’s «JUSTVOICE/JUSTICE NOW_WOMEN PRISONERS’ ORAL HISTORIES PROJECT» (2000—ongoing) now in progress in a California women’s prison.

What does it take to ‹reconstruct the boundaries of everyday life› and make entry into collective and public life possible? Cyborgs made of sunshine, shrouded in ether, quintessence, are not magical beings but the result of arduous and passionate labor. A cyborg not only writes and is written, she teaches others how to write and she learns and changes in the process.