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Visual Summary

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The Media/Games of the Doll - Contemporary Artists' Interest in Surrealism
icon: authorSigrid Schade

Historic materials, related to the phantasy of the doll and ist adaptation in the context of media art is listed under the heading of «Doll-Bodies.» Sigrid Schade discusses the importance of the uncanny for the use of media in art and analyzes the intense inspection by contemporary artists of Surrealist image motifs-mannequin, doll, body fragment, automaton, wax figure-that at the same time comprises a return of the figurative or of body (fragments) to various artistic productions and media. [more]more

Text Sections
icon: heading The return of the dollicon: heading The tradition of dolls and the notion of the uncannyicon: heading Contemporary artists and their «dolls»icon: heading The return of the repressedicon: heading Gender representation, body (fragment) and pornographyicon: heading Medialized perception and reflection in the mediaicon: heading Projectionsicon: heading Feasibilitiesicon: heading Perception games